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Adopting a rescue dog gives a person a feeling like no other!  To adopt a Stealing Hearts dog there is an application that needs to be filled out which can be found on our website.  Once the application is reviewed and the applicant interviewed if approved the happiness begins!  Our adult dogs are all spayed or neutered, micro-chipped and have all their shots. Puppies are also spayed or neutered, micro-chipped and will have “shots up-to-date”, many puppies are adopted before they are old enough to have had all their shots.  Dogs and puppies can usually go home with their new families the same day however at times a home visit is required.  Also if introducing an adult dog into a home where there are other animals we will often have a one of our experienced volunteers help with introductions.  Not every application is approved for a specific dog, there are times that the dog a person “thinks” is the dog they want is not the best fit for the lifestyle that person leads.  We don’t want anyone to go away unhappy and “dogless” – if given the opportunity we are very happy to work with applicants to find a different dog that will be a much better fit.  Please scroll through our “Adoptable Dogs” and find your new forever friend!

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Have you ever considered being a temporary “foster” home for a dog?  This may not even be something you’re aware is a need but from our point of view finding good foster homes for our dogs waiting to be adopted is like finding a rare treasure!  Our foster program is invaluable, the benefit our dogs receive from living in a loving home while we look for their forever homes is unmeasurable.   But it’s not just the dogs that benefit from such a program, the foster person/family receives the unconditional love of their foster dog and the knowledge that they were an inspirational factor in helping a one-time homeless, neglected, abused or abandoned dog find its “happily-ever-after”.  While your foster dog is with you, you provide information to us that allows us to match this dog with the perfect family – this is information we would not have if our dog was just sitting in boarding.  Being in a home environment also allows the dog to get exercise, love, attention and to be stress-free so when sitting at an adoption event the dog is calm and shows much better which will increase his chances of finding his forever home!

But that’s not all!  While you’re helping your foster dog, your also helping us save MORE lives!  By having a dog in your home, that opens up a space in boarding for another dog that is sitting in a County shelter waiting to die.  For every foster home we have we are able to use that open space to put another dog that is in need of being rescued in.  It’s like a “two-for-one” sale J

We know that life is busy and we don’t always take time to do the things we love, many dog lovers are just too busy to have a dog permanently.  We have the answer for that too! Our foster program is such that you can take a break from fostering when needed and pick up again when your schedule allows.  If you have to leave town for work or vacation while you have a foster in your home we provide a place for your foster to stay until your return.  We also do not expect you helping us to cost you money so all medical care and normal care (such as food, crate, bed) are provided.  We want your experience with your foster dog to be an amazing one – so you’ll want to foster again and again.  And remember, FOSTERING SAVES LIVES!

If becoming a foster parent/family is something you are willing to explore, please reach out to us – we would love for you to become a part of our Stealing Hearts family!  For information about becoming a foster home for a dog waiting for his/her forever home, please call Shae Morris (our foster care coordinator) at 707-330-6610 or email at  Toni (our Director) at 602-686-4158 or email

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