Foster Form

On this date, , the parties agree as follows:
This contract is by and between Stealing Hearts Rescue and (hereafter 'Foster')
Foster is to act as a foster home for dog(s) owned by Stealing Hearts Rescue. From time to time, Foster will keep
and care for dog(s) for Stealing Hearts Rescue. Foster will do so without remuneration and Foster is not an employee
of Stealing Hearts Rescue. Stealing Hearts Rescue will not be liable for any damages caused by the dog(s) while
in the care of the Foster.

The foster agrees to foster dog(s) until adopted. If for some reason the foster is unable to do so, the Foster agrees
to give Stealing Hearts prior notice and hold the dog(s) until space becomes available. The Foster also agrees
to inform Stealing Hearts of any vacation time where the foster dog(s) will need to be housed with Stealing Hearts.

Fosters will safely maintain and care for the dog(s) fostered. Stealing Hearts Rescue will try to provide food for
Foster as funds allow. If the Foster is able and wishes to provide food for their foster dog(s), the funds spent on
such food is tax deductible. When Stealing Hearts Rescue is provided a receipt, the Foster will be given a donation
receipt to use for tax purposes.

Stealing Hearts Rescue will pay for all approved medical treament(s) for the dog(s) in foster care. All medical
treatments must be approved prior. Stealing Hearts Rescue will not pay for any medical treatment not approved.

Stealing Hearts is liable ONLY for medical care of foster dog, not personal pets within the foster home.

Dog(s) will be allowed indoors and outdoors and will receive protection from the outside elements. No dog(s)
will be kept primarily outside or ever restrained by a chain. No dog(s) will be kept primarily crated. The
Foster must have the ability to keep the foster dog(s) separate from other animals in the house if necessary.
The foster will have the foster dog(s) on a leash at ALL times outside the house--ABSOLUTELY NO DOG PARKS

The Foster will transport the dog(s) in their care to and from adoption locations and make the dog(s) in their
care available for adoption.

Foster will allow home visits by a Stealing Hearts Rescue representative. Foster will surrender the dog(s) to Stealing Hearts Rescue if requested.

Foster agrees that if enforcement of this contract is necessary in court, Foster will be resonsibile for attorney fees and/or court costs necessary to enforce this contract.

I agree that I have read this agreement in full and any addendums provided me for this contract. (initials)
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