Brandy - Labrador mix - 4 years - Female

Introducing Brandy! This sweet girl came from a shelter up north and has had a pretty rough go of things in her short life. She was originally owned by someone who moved and left her with a neighbor, they were supposed to come back to get her, but they never did. The neighbor had her for almost a year and then said she was too big for their lifestyle, so she was dumped at a shelter. She was then adopted after a few months, but returned after six months for going after the small dog in the home. Now, she’s with us! 

Poor Brandy has no idea what a “real” home is like. She is unsure of people at first, but who could blame her? She’s never had anyone actually devote themselves to her. We know that Brandy is housebroken and good in her kennel, but right now she sort of hides from the world because she’s so unsure of what she’ll have to deal with next. This sweet girl is looking for an experienced person that can actually put the time and effort into making her understand what love is and can help her learn how to feel secure. Once that happens, this beauty is going to be a loyal and loving companion – we can tell she’s already grateful to be out of that other shelter – now she needs a REAL home! So if you’re looking for a “diamond in the ruff”, please think about our Brandy...she needs you! Please call Toni at 602-686-4158 or email