Dudley – Blue Tick Hound Mix – 3 yrs. – Male

Have you met our handsome boy, Dudley?! This goofy dude was found wandering in the forest up north, probably separated from his person while tracking. He ended up in a shelter up there, but no one came to look for him. We saw him there and just had to snatch him up!

Dudley is very much a hound and if you don’t believe it, he will certainly “tell you” in a big way – he’s loud! He has a big voice and he’s not afraid to use it. Dudley is good with other dogs, great with people, and has a fun disposition. He’s playful, silly, and great company. He loves outdoor stuff and would make a great hiking and camping buddy, but he’s NOT a dog that can ever be off leash...one good scent and he’s off without looking back! Dudley is also going to be a “kid” his whole life – he is completely immature and fun to have around, but also stubborn and likes his own way – did I mention he’s a HOUND?! 😂 He’s smart, energetic, and a complete clown! If you and your family love to be entertained, you need to meet our boy, Dudley! Please call Toni at ‪602-686-4158‬ or email azbullygirl@hotmail.com if Dudley seems like your kinda guy!