Elvis – Bloodhound mix – 2 years – Male

Meet Mr. Charming! This adorable boy was found wandering in the forest up north. He walked up to a group of campers at breakfast and made himself right at home. Elvis spent several days with them...they kept hoping his owners would come looking for him, but they never did. Not knowing what else to do, they took him to the shelter where he sat and waited until we saw him and couldn’t resist that face. Now Elvis is hanging out at SHR and has quickly become a volunteer favorite!  

Elvis is loving, happy, and super goofy! He has no idea of his size and will get as close as he can for love, stepping on toes, pushing you into walls, all the while his wagging tail is telling the story. And if you don’t notice his tail, his big hound voice will certainly tell the story! Elvis appears to be housebroken, does well with other dogs, and loves people (kids too!). He walks pretty well on a leash, but does pull when he gets a good “sniff” of something interesting...head down, nose to the ground, and Elvis is on the trail of a new adventure! He is so much fun to have around; his smile, floppy ears, and slow-wagging tail makes you smile just being around him! He will make a great buddy for hiking, long walks, and camping – but keep him on a long lead or he may end up visiting someone else’s camp site! Looking for your new best friend? Look no more – ELVIS IS IN THE BUILDING! If you’re interested in our sweet boy, please call Toni at 602-686-4158 or email azbullygirl@hotmail.com.