Hector – Labrador mix - 2yrs – Male

This handsome boy was turned into a county shelter after his owner said the apartment manager “found out” that he had him. Sadly, this is a story we hear quite often. He then sat for seven months at that shelter until we spotted him and had to snatch him up! Now Hector is hanging out at our shelter and he’s having a blast!  

Hector is super playful and does really well with the other dogs. He’s not just beautiful; he’s sweet, affectionate, and loves to be loved. Hector is housebroken, crate trained, and he does well on a leash although he pulls initially with the excitement of the new adventure. Hector is athletic and will make a great hiking, camping, and walking buddy. He is looking for a home with a yard to run and play in and a family that will include him in their activities. Is your family one member short? Then it’s time to meet our sweet Hector! If you’re interested in our boy, please call Toni at 602-686-4158 or email azbullygirl@hotmail.com