Kate – Heeler/Pointer mix – 4 yrs. – Female

Introducing our little mama, Kate! Kate was found in the parking lot of a casino eating out of the trashcan. She was hanging out there for a few weeks before someone finally noticed that she was pregnant. They caught her and took her to a nearby county shelter. Poor Kate was so scared there that she wouldn’t even stand up...she hovered close to the ground and tried not to be noticed. Well Kate, you couldn’t hide from SHR! The minute the plea came out, we answered and grabbed her up! 

Kate had her puppies and was a great mom. She welcomed everyone that came in to visit both her and her puppies – something not all moms will do. She loves people, but has obviously not been exposed to much. She is afraid of the leash and will flatten out, not wanting to move forward. That being said, she trusts us and will follow us around. She is unsure of other dogs, but we can tell that she “wants” to get to know them just doesn’t know how. And she definitely LOVES all people. Our sweet girl is smart, has an amazing personality, and a will to survive.  Every day we see her blossom more and more as she realizes that some people really do care! We know she’s going to bloom into a beautiful, happy girl who will be an amazing addition to the right person or family. Could you be that person? If so, please call Toni at 602-686-4158 or email azbullygirl@hotmail.com.