Lilly – English bulldog/Pit bull mix – 3yrs. – Female

Introducing our little bundle of personality, Lilly! This girl was taken from a shelter up north after a friend of SHR found her and her “mate” on a rural road in that area. We were told that there is a “breeder” there who is disbanding and instead of finding these pups a safe home, they were being dumped out in the middle of nowhere. As it turned out, it was Lilly’s lucky day because a friend happened to be visiting her parents and came upon them. It was very hot and they were extremely dehydrated and skinny. Lilly was laying off the road in some bushes trying to stay cool. Her partner, Truman, led help to her like a true gentleman. Now Lilly is with us and she’s doing great! 

We’re in the process of treating Lilly’s skin condition, which is something that will probably always be an issue because of the bulldog part of her. Lilly is bossy with other dogs and has probably only been with Truman her whole life. We’re working on trying to get her past that. But as far as people go, she loves everyone! She’s sweet, affectionate and playful – oh did I say stubborn? She loves attention and is so happy to be getting it. Lilly rarely has accidents in her kennel area so if she’s not completely housebroken, she at least has the idea of it. Lilly plays well with people and with Truman. It’s a joy to watch them as they realize that their lives have changed and she will never have another litter of puppies – it’s Lilly’s time now! For more information on our little cutie, please call Toni at 602-686-4158 or email