Madden – American Bulldog mix – 5 yrs. – Female

Meet our beauty, Madden! She was surrendered to a county shelter after her owner’s house was destroyed in the California fires and had to move in with family in Arizona. While at that shelter, Madden had several kennel-mates and did well...she is great with dogs that are her size or larger. She landed on the euthanasia list simply because of over-crowding. We took one look at her beautiful, happy face and just couldn’t leave without her! 

Madden is a total gem! She is housebroken, great with people, kids included, and does well on a leash. She is good in a car and enjoys looking out the window watching the world go by. Our girl is a bit “bossy”, so if her new family has another dog it needs to be a good-sized boy who enjoys a strong female in his life. She is polite, smart, and enjoys a good game of chase. Madden is looking for a family that will include her in their everyday activities – she wants to be involved. She’s athletic and would make a great hiking or jogging companion. She’s also a good listener and doesn’t judge. We can all use that in our lives! So if our beauty queen seems like a good fit for your life, take the first step make her all yours! Call Toni at 602-686-4158 or email