Olivia – Pitbull mix – 4yrs. – Female

Meet our little sweetheart, Olivia! This adorable girl was dumped by her owner at a county shelter when she was about to give birth. They didn’t want to deal with puppies – then why didn’t they spay her?!? We couldn’t let her have her pups in that cold shelter, so we swooped her up and took her straight to our “mama-foster” where she had her puppies in a calm, safe environment. Olivia was a great mom, but now she’s done being “mom” and just wants to live life! 

Olivia is housebroken WITH a doggie-door, she’s happy, playful, and adores people. She’s well mannered and loves attention...she’ll push her way into your lap and heart! She does well with large male dogs that like to play, but she can be a bit bossy and likes to control playtime which is very normal female behavior. 😊  

Olivia is looking for a family/person with a yard to sunbathe in, people to love, and a place to call her forever home! In return, her family will receive all the love and loyalty they can absorb! If your home has all the qualifications that our beautiful girl needs, please make it a point to meet her. If she picks you, you’ll feel like you won the lottery! To meet Miss Olivia, please call Toni at – 602-686-4158 or email azbullygirl@hotmail.com.