Truman – English bulldog/Pit bull mix – 3yrs. – Male

Introducing our handsome boy, Truman! This boy was taken from a shelter up north after a friend of SHR found him and his “mate” on a rural road in the area. We were told that a “breeder” is disbanding and instead of finding these pups a safe home, they’re being dumped out in the middle of nowhere. As it turned out, it was Truman’s lucky day because a friend happened to be visiting her parents and came upon them. It was very hot and they were extremely dehydrated and skinny. Truman spotted a car on that hidden dirt road and ran right in the middle of the road and sat down! He hoped that help had finally arrived – and it had! But instead of just jumping in the car when it was offered to him, he ran up the road, all the while looking back as if to say, “Come this way please, I have something to show you”. He brought his good Samaritan to a bush where his “mate”, Lilly, was trying to stay out of the sun. Both pups were put in the car and on their way to safety. That’s how Truman got his name, he didn’t think only of himself, he was a “true” gentleman and took care of Lilly first. 

Now Truman is hanging with us and we love getting to know him. He’s a hoot! Truman is cute, funny, and fun to have around. We’re treating his skin condition which is something that will probably always be an issue because he’s half bulldog. He loves attention and insists on it whenever he sees anyone – he even gives hugs. He’s petite, but solid, and has a happy-go-lucky disposition and zest for life...his new life that is. Truman seems open to be friends with other dogs so we’re working on that slowly. Truman is now looking at life as a happy adventure – are you the adventurous type? Maybe it’s time you meet our boy! For more information on our little cutie, please call Toni at 602-686-4158 or email