Tyler – German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix – 2yrs. – Male

Say hello to our bouncy boy, Tyler! Tyler was turned into a shelter up north by his family because they said, “he has too much energy”. Well, he’s basically a puppy and his breed-mix would tell you that he’s an active dog so “too much” energy is not surprising! We took one look at his sweet face and had to snatch him up! And we’re so glad we did!  

Tyler is fun, silly, and a hoot to have around. He is friendly and outgoing with everyone and thinks every new person or dog he meets just HAS to be his friend! He is active, but for the right family that can be tons of fun. He’s great with other dogs and loves to play, but can be a bit much if the other dog doesn’t match his play-level. He’s very smart and loves new adventures – he’d be a great dog to teach tricks. Our boy will make a wonderful addition to a family with an active lifestyle, one that enjoys hiking, running, camping, and ball-games. Take a good look at his sweet brown eyes, they’re calling you – can you ignore that? If Tyler sounds like your perfect fit, please call Toni at 602-686-4158 or email azbullygirl@hotmail.com – you won’t be sorry!