• Donate food


    Food is one of SHR largest expenses, right up there with housing our dogs and medical bills. Because we rescue only LARGE breed dogs, we have large appetites. At any given time we can have over 60 dogs in our facility and with fosters, this includes 10-20 puppies who have an even bigger appetite. We also focus on pregnant moms or new moms who are nursing and they need extra food.
    Your donation to our food fund is always needed and greatly appreciated. Our dogs in our facility (20-23 dogs at any time) go through a lot of food each month. If you wish to donate actual bags of food, we welcome that also but please keep it grain free, chicken, beef or fish. You can always check out what brands we have on our “Amazon Wish List” too!

  • Donate to our Boarding Facility (The Pit Stop)


    Did you know that we recently took over a boarding facility to house more dogs while they wait for their forever homes? We are a foster based rescue and always in need of foster homes which are not easy to find. With the new facility, comes new costs and maintenance that we didn’t have before. Boarding dogs before they go to their foster home or new forever home gives us the opportunity to get to know these dogs better, which in turn allows us to give future adopters more information before they adopt. Boarding, even at our own facility, is a major expense. When you make a donation to The Pit Stop you help us house more dogs and in turn save more lives.

  • Help dogs with medical needs


    Stealing Hearts Rescue loves to help the large breed dogs who need a second chance due to their medical needs. The most dogs we rescue come to us because they are medically unadoptable. We do not want to pass up a dog because it has a known medical need, we feel those that require medical attention actually need us more.
    Your donations to our medical fund will help with spay/neuters, microchips, medications, special surgeries and whatever short or long term medical needs any of our dogs up for adoption may have. It’s important to us that the person interested in adopting one of these dogs knows that SHR has done all we can to get that dog back to health.

Donate Supplies

Donate Supplies

We always appreciate extra supplies that you have and are kind enough to donate.



Fostering is invaluable, the benefit our dogs receive from living in a loving home while we look for their forever homes is unmeasurable.

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Share a story

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  • Toni not only listened to our concerns, but immediately understood what kind of a dog would best fit into our lives. She found us the perfect puppy who has become a best friend to both our senior dog and our young daughter.

    Kerry Stanfield
  • We have adopted two dogs from Stealing Hearts Rescue. We are so grateful to Toni for matching us with two of the most perfect pups; we can’t imagine life without them!

    Zach Maciag
  • We have adopted our family of fur babies from Toni for the past 8 years. From our first adoption of Ceasar, she made darn sure we were going to be good parents and when we passed the test we knew she really cared about these babies and wanted to make sure they had a great life

    Mary Lambert
  • Toni does a phenomenal job socializing her rescue dogs… It’s because of this that we won’t go anywhere else.

    Jen Furano
  • We have adopted two dogs from Stealing Hearts Rescue. We are so grateful to Toni for matching us with two of the most perfect pups; we can’t imagine life without them!

    Jason Keesling